Practice Areas

Estate Planning

Key Topics: Wills, Trusts, General/Financial Powers of Attorney, Medical Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives/Living Wills, and Dispositions of Last Remains

If you are interested in learning about estate planning, we will ask you fill out a questionnaire with information about your family and personal circumstances. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Peter W. Bullard, PC will meet with you to explain estate planning and how each of the documents might help you and your family during life and after death. Estate Planning might also include special needs trusts for adults or children with special needs.

Everyone should consider having an estate plan, both to plan for the distribution of assets after death but also to plan for possible incapacity during life. Although many individuals would like to wait until they “need” these documents, we encourage individuals to put these documents in place so that they are available when needed. Sometimes waiting leads to additional costs and when documents are needed it may be too late to put them in place.

Probate/Estate Administration

When a family member or friend dies, there are often many questions. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Peter W. Bullard, PC talk to clients about whether a probate administration is necessary or a small estate administration can be used to gather and distribute the assets of the deceased person. If probate administration and filing documents with the court is necessary, the attorneys can assist the client to carry out such tasks.

Probate Litigation/Civil Practice in State Probate Courts

Probate Litigation involves taking court action to enforce a claim. This might include contesting Guardianship or Conservatorship, will or trust contests, or claims of breach of fiduciary duty, undue influence, lack of capacity, or technical defects. If you are considering entering into litigation, the attorneys at The Law Offices of Peter W. Bullard, PC can talk to you about your claim and your options for resolving the matter.

Medicaid Long Term Care Planning

Attorney Rikke M. Liska talks to clients about the Medicaid Long Term Care regulations. Sometimes this means sitting down to talk through an overview of the rules so that entering into a facility or securing government benefits for a senior or special needs person is less mysterious. Other times this means assistance with qualification matters or appeals of benefit denials.

Elder Law (Guardianships and Conservatorships)

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Peter W. Bullard, PC can help aging individuals or individuals with special needs who are becoming adults and their family members, by educating about options to avoid requesting the appointment of a Guardian or Conservator as well as what the process looks like when requesting such appointment becomes necessary. If it becomes necessary for an aging individual to receive assistance or an aging individual is being taken advantage of by others, we will help you navigate your legal options.